Lucid Hangout: Brain Training

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About Lucid Hangout: Brain Training

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Developer: R Nobel

Wouldnt you be happier when your brain was better in recalling things and names. And having a better cognition? Here is the best brain training app to Improve your working memory and Fluid Intelligence (Gf)! The more you train the more you gain. You can expect results within 4 weeks of training. Brain training doesnt have to be a dull thing, fortunately this app is really exciting to do and is truly scientificly tested that it works.

Lucid Hangout reviewed by score 8.5 "A smart and effective memory game for the sharpest minds"

◆ Fluid intelligence brain training
This app improves your fluid intelligence and working memory by playing it. It does so with an unique game, a spotlight is shown in a 3x3 grid and you must tap left if the previous level position is the same as the current, or right if the audio played matches the previous level position letter.
◆ Multiple levels
While the gameplay sounds easy, it actually requires a lot of concentration and working memory to accurately match the spotlight and audio letter. It features multiple levels, so the higher you go the more focusing & concentration your brain requires thus it will train better and even improve your IQ.
◆ Minimalist design
The game has a minimalist design as its sole purpose is training your brain not displaying eye-candy. The chosen colors and style are perfectly crafted to avoid disrupting sleep even if you do a session at night.
◆ Score list and points graph
Each session is tracked historically (at 80% you go up one level). You can track your progress in a score list and score graph.
◆ Playable in portrait as well as in landscape orientation
Very easy to play because the only thing you have to do is touch the screen anywhere on the left or on right side.
◆ Awesome unique soundtracks
Specifically designed and created for this app
◆ No ads
These ads would only withheld your progress

This app is based on the scientifically proven method dual n-back for improving Fluid Intelligence and working memory. Please see for more information or

You use this brain training app for 20 sessions in the evening 4 or 5 times a week to improve your IQ as well as your working memory. For this training there is no need to know the language of the spoken audio letters.
From all the apps out there this is all you need to improve your brain. So easy to use. With some assistance this brain trainer is usable by people diagnosed with Alzheimers disease or other forms of dementia.

Please tell me whats on your mind after you installed it. Any problems or things you didnt like or that you do like, please tell me! Contact me via: